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Commercial Refrigeration Energy Reduction

cool-flowers-at-Flora Fresh Inc Jerico Mechanical built and installed a new commercial refrigeration system for Flora Fresh Inc., a wholesale flower distributor located in Sacramento, CA.  Their original refrigeration system consisted of individual systems for seven (7) separate spaces. Six of these spaces need to be kept at 37 degrees to stop their product from maturing, to extend their shelf life and to eliminate waste. The 7th space is used for holding tropical flowers and plants which require high humidity and a space temperature of 57 degrees.

The new refrigeration rack system now feeds all 7 spaces with state of the art controls to maintain temperatures within one-half of one degree. This precision temperature control helps eliminate inefficient temperature swings. Jerico also installed high efficiency evaporator fan motors (ECM) to help minimize energy use.  The following also contributed to this project:

They have verified that the new refrigeration rack system will save Flora Fresh a minimum of 40% in energy use each year.


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