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Commercial Refrigeration Service and Repair

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Commercial Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, and Food Equipment Service

Mission Statement

Jerico Mechanical is a service contractor providing service in the commercial refrigeration, air conditioning and food heating and cooling equipment service market. Our mission is to achieve and maintain unparalleled quality as measured by customer satisfaction. We are committed to excellence and to exceeding our customer’s expectations in all we do. As our reputation for excellence increases, so will our profitability and growth benefiting all of the team. Jerico Mechanical serves its owners, its clients and its employees with a balance of activities that rewards all and insures a long-term health of the company by serving the needs of all.
We strive to achieve 110% customer satisfaction at all times; for our customer is not dependent on us… we are dependent on our customer. Our customers are all those, both inside and outside the Company, we do business with. We’re committed to being friendly, courteous, and honest in all relationships. To treat others as we like to be treated. To listen carefully, ask questions, and determine what the customer wants and when they would like it.
Our Company is committed to the ongoing training of its co-workers, to fairly compensating for work performed, to rewarding excellence and to providing the safest conditions possible to work in.

We believe that each employee on our Team is directly responsible for making sure our clients are satisfied and for assisting one another in achieving that end. An employee’s responsibility includes timely communication about issues that will affect us in the immediate and long-term future.

Our Company is committed to the improvement and success of our industry. We never intentionally defame or bad-mouth others within our company or the industry.

  • We are committed to 110% Total Customer Satisfaction
  • We provide the Highest Quality of work possible
  • We are prompt, accurate, efficient and timely
  • We give 110% of our knowledge and effort to Satisfy our Customers every day
  • We are Professionals – there’s no room for compromise
  • We aggressively pursue excellence by Exceeding Expectations
  • We are alert and perform our job Safely at all times
  • We effectively communicate both orally and in print
  • We learn from our mistakes and resolve our problems by making CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT